Ulduz Ahmadzadeh

Ulduz Ahmadzadeh, born in Tehran, Iran, started dancing in a country in which it is still prohibited. Indefiance of state censorship, she performed regularly with company Harekat from 1999 until 2004. She was subsequently incarcerated. After her release, she started her own dance company, which continued to be highly critical of the political system.

Ahmadzadeh studied directing at the art university Soureh in Tehran, contemporary dance pedagogy at MUK in Vienna and Social Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Her contemporary dance company  ATASH عطش ,which was founded in 2012, specifically addresses socio-political issues and cultural hierarchies.

In her projects she works with diverse artistic aesthetics, different disciplines such as video, performance, live music, spoken words, poetry slam, text, and installation, as well as different artists – with a feminist, anthropological and sociopolitical emphasis, e.g. Under Cover (2019), Force Majeure (2021) and TARAB (2022) in cooperation with Tanzquartier Wien.

Artistic work

[2023] Ancestors’ GIFT (CoNCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY/ PREMIERE DSCHUNGEL WIEN) [2023] Ancestors’ Banquet (concept, choreography/ premiere Brut Wien)
[2022] TARAB (concept, choreography/ premiere Tanzquartier Wien/ Halle G)
[2020] Force Majeure (concept, choreography/ premiere Tanzquartier Wien)
[2020] Prerogative Lips (concept, choreography, text & performance/ as part of Kultursommer Wien)
[2019] UNDER COVER (concept, choreography & performance/ Tanzquartier Wien)
[2017] Fremdkörper (concept& choreography/ WUK, ImPulst Tanz/ Vienna)
[2016] Dance Empowerment (concept & realisation)
[2015] Vis & Ramin (choreography& dance/ Wiener Konzerthaus/ Vienna)
[2014] The Little Prince (concept&choreography&dance/ dance and circus in public spaces/ Italy, Slovenia, Austria)
[2014] Seven Cities of Love (concept&choreography/ Odeon Theatre/ Vienna)
[2013] Wagnerdämerung (dance/ direction by Paolus Manker/ Vienna)
[2013] Falling up (concept&choreography/ WerkX/ Vienna)
[2012] Seit Ewigkeit (concept&choreography/ Rosalia chladek Saal/ Vienna, Bratislava), Achtung Deadline (guest dancer, Age Company/ Palais Kabelwerk/ Vienna)
[2011] It is still not over (concept, dance &choreography/ Vienna)
[2010] Artistic director in the Teufelsberg project in Berlin.
[2009] Call for freedom (direction&choreography/dance film)
Artistic director and choreographer at Tanz die Toleranz, a community-dance project at Brunnenpassage.
Masterclass with and assistant to Royston Maldoom (exile) in Vienna and Ireland.
[2007] Naked lonelyness (concept&choreography/ Tehran, Iran)
[2005] Lady of dream (choreography/ Tehran, Iran)
[2004] Sleepers (director/documentary/ Tehran, Iran)
[2003] Whispering under the water (director/music video/ Tehran, Iran)
[2002] Bet (director/feature film/Tehran, Iran), Amin (dance/Tehran, Iran)
[2001] Centreless Circle (director/experimental film/ Tehran, Iran),
Simorgh (dance/ Tehran, Iran)
[2000] Revolution (dance/ Tehran, Iran)
Ulduz has been working as a dance teacher with different age groups for several years:



[2023] Lecture Performance/ Tanzquartier Wien/ Winter School/ Dance Immomerial

[2016] International Conference “Social Inequality and Cultural Policy”
(University of Applied Arts, Vienna)
(Artistic Intervention: Dance Empowerment)

[2006] InSEA Regional Conference
(University of Applied Arts, Vienna)