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@Peter Rauchecker

What now is called عطش ATASH عطش was founded in 2012 by Ulduz Ahmadzadeh under the name tanz.labor.labyrinth. In 2020 the name was changed to عطش ATASH عطش , meaning „thirst, desire, crave“. The company focusses on projects of diverse artistic aesthetics, also by working with different artists for each project, with a feminist, political emphasis, e.g. Fremdkörper (2017), Under Cover (2019), Force Majeure (2021), TARAB (2022) the last three in cooperation with Tanzquartier Wien. عطش ATASH عطش aims to expand the contemporary dance language with a Middle-Eastern dance vocabulary, breaking up the hegemony of Western dominated aesthetics and specifically addresses socio-political issues and cultural hierarchies.
The core team of عطش ATASH عطش next to Ulduz Ahmadzadeh (choreography, dance, artistic direction) are since 2017 Till Jasper Krappmann (scenography and costume design). The artist duo works at the intersection of dance, performance, video, installation, theory, documentation, and activism.

Ulduz Ahmadzadeh

Till Krappmann