Taste of Pearls

Short film | Splitscreen

Taste of pearls is a compilation of video materials, which Iranian – Austrian dancer and choreographer Ulduz Ahmadzadeh and her team created in the context of the project Under Cover on an Iranian island. The materials are also part of 3 projections at the end of Under Cover during the post-performance installation. Through multiple layers of voice-over recordings, audience can hear interviews with European and non European women in different languages about veiling. Their collective voice lends dimension to a range of perspectives and personal experiences regarding the hijab. The English translation is highlighted to expose cultural, linguistic hierarchies, where global communication is often reduced to dominant language patterns, i.e. the colonial tongue. Taste of pearls is compatible with different platforms such as festival context, galleries, foyers, video screening or cinema. It was shown in New York as part of Sideways Doors Festival by Loculus Collective.