Till Jasper Krappmann

Till Jasper Krappmann, Born in 1990 in Kassel. He is artistic co-director of the ATASH عطش contemporary dance company since 2020. Since 2017 he is responsible for the scenography of the dance group’s productions. Till Krappmann studied scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna under the direction of Anna Viebrock. Since 2017 freelancer as Costume designer and Scenographer. 2006-2010 apprenticeship as a Metal Technician – forging technology at the Veterinary University of Vienna, Austria. 2009 University course in Hoof and Claw Shoeing, study of physiotherapy and acupuncture for horses and small animals at the “ifT” (Institute for Veterinary Medicine) in Viernheim, Germany.
He grew up in a intinerant theatre group called “Soluna”, which was founded by his parents and still travels through Europe by horse-drawn caravans. From an early age, he was actively involved in the performance and creation of transdisciplinary theatre pieces.
Both on a theoretical level and in his works as a designer of spaces and situations, he is concerned with the reciprocal relationships between social and physical space. Beyond aesthetic and formal design, he is on the lookout for experimental arrangements and spatial practices that encourage the testing of sensitive processes of mutual approach and distance among those present. Space as memory and central figure forms the basis of his artistic analysis in his way of exploring space and place.

Professional career and projects

[2023] Ancestors’ Banquet & Ancestors’ Giftft , Dance / Performane, Choreography: Ulduz Ahmadzadeh. Premiere: Brut Vienna, March 2023 and Dschungel Vienna, Oct. 2023

[2022] TARAB, Dance / Performance, Choreography: Ulduz Ahmad Zadeh Premiere: Oct. 2022, Tanzquartier Vienna, in the context of تشویشTashweesh Festival
Stage design / Costume / Graphics

[2021] Intolleranza, Opera, Luigi Nono, Musical direction: Ingo Metzmacher, staging: Jan Lauwers, Needcompany, Costume design: Lot Lemm
Felsenreitschule, Salzburger Festspiele, 100 Year jubilee
Costume Assistance

[2021] Force Majeure, Dance / Performance, Choreography: Ulduz Ahmad Zadeh
Tanzquartier Vienna, Halle G
Stage design / Costume / Graphics

[2020] Fidelio, Opera, Ludwig van Beethoven, Musical direction: Manfred Honeck, Staging: Christoph Waltz Stage design: Barkow Leibinger
Theater an der Wien, 250 years Beethoven jubilee
Stage design Assistance

[2019] Under Cover, Dance / Performance, Choreography: Ulduz Ahmad Zadeh
Tanzquartier Vienna, Studios, Rakete Festival
Stage design / Scenography / Costume / Graphics

[2019] Origins, Performance, Choreography: Oleg Soulimenko
Tanzquartier Vienna, Halle G
Stage design / Objects / Costume

[2018] Jeanne & Gilles, Chamber Opera, Musical direction: Francois-Pierre Descamps, staging: Kristine Tornquist
Reaktor, Vienna

[2018] L`incoronazione di Poppea, Opera, Claudio Monteverdi, Musical direction: William Christie
Staging: Jan Lauwers, Needcompany, Costume design: Lot Lemm
House for Mozart, Salzburger Festspiele Costume Assistance

[2018] Kammer Flimmern, cirque nouveau
Theatre Ole, Vienna
Stage design

[2018] Don Giovanni, Opera, W.A.Mozart
Cooperation with students of the University of Music Karlsruhe, Direction: Dr. S.Mösch, A.Raabe
Stage design / Costume

[2017] Margherita Spiluttini – Collection with a view, Exhibition design
AzW ( Architekturzentrum Wien )
Concept / Design

[2017] Maria Stuarda, Opera, Gaetano Donizetti, Musical direction: Paolo Arrivabeni , staging: Christof Loy
Stage design / Costume: Katrin Lea Tag
Theater an der Wien
Stagedesign Assistance

[2017] Reformobil Sculpture, 500th anniversary of the Reformation
Cooperation with “Diakonie” Vienna and Evangelical Church Austria
City Hall Square Vienna
Concept / Design

[2017] Wozzeck, Opera, Alban Berg, Musical direction: Vladimir Jurowski, staging: William Kentdrig
Stage: Sabine Theunissen, Costume: Greta Goiris
House for Mozart, Salzburger Festspiele
Costume internship

[2017] Fremdkörper – The Social Life of Strange, Dance / Performance, Choreography: Ulduz Ahmad Zadeh
Wuk Vienna, ImPulsTanz Showing Vienna
Stage design

[2017] Guerillia Performance, Collective Mota
Opening of the Austrian Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia, 57th International Art Exhibition – Viva Arte Viva

[2017] Filterzigaretten, contribution in “Falter” publishing house Vienna, special supplement for Feminism,
Colour collage 30 cm x 40 cm, collage technique

[2016] Zwiegespräch, short theatre
Mimamusch short theatre festival,
F23.wir.fabriken, Vienna
Concept / Stage / Performance

[2016] Escape from Devil`s Island, Fashion Design Exhibition, Designer: P. Le Moult, Galerie im Ersten, Vienna
Setdesign and construction

[2016] Echotectures, An expedition with music, Project with “Klangforum” Vienna
Semperdepot Vienna
Concept / Performance

[2016] Dance and Resistance, Dance / Performance, Choreographer: Amanda Pina, Nadaproductions
Tanzquartier Vienna, Hall G

[2015] Island Story, Performative Sound Installation, mo.ë Art and Culture Association Vienna

[2014/2015] Bier & Calippo, Austrian Short Film, Producer: Catrin Freundlinger, Director/Screenplay: Paul Ploberger
Youth Jury Award, “VIS Vienna Shorts” 2017
Production Design / Scenography

[2014] The Little Prince, Trans disciplinary Theater Project, Dance Company tanz.labor.labyrinth, Tour: Italy, Slovenia
Stagedesign / performance

[2004] Un piccolo spettacolo, documentary film, Directors: Pierpaolo Giarolo / Alice Rohrwacher
Main Prize “Festival Internazionale del documentario di Roma” 2005
Italy / Slovenia

* Project in progress

2020/21 AKADEMIE STUDIO-PROGRAMM, Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien
2021/22 Start-Stipendium, Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport