Fremdkörper – The social life of strange

The social life of strange tells the story of projections, reflections and overcoming. The woman‘s body as an initial space to experience constructed otherness becomes (the critical instrument) the critical bone machine to unmask practiced fantasies of orientalism and sexism. The ‘oriental’/ized woman necessarily remains the marked subaltern counterpart of the apparently transparent ‘western’ woman. Public debates on the so-called self-determination of women are dominated by European regimes of identitarian self-assurance and white obedience instrumentalizing and stygmatizing other women’s bodies. But who is this unmarked, transparent, superior woman? And who is not allowed to be her? A provocative piece that turns boundaries into surfaces of contact and foreignness into significant experience.

Choreography: Ulduz Ahmadzadeh
Concept: Ulduz Ahmadzadeh, Meyaseh Khodad
Composition and arrangement: Golnar Shahyar
Performance and artistic collaboration: Meyaseh Khodad, Nora Pider, Golnar Shahyar
Stage and space: Till Jasper Krappmann
Costume design: Iva Ivanova
Lighting: Jan Wilander
Production: Nora Pider, Gerlinde Roidinger